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"We use Anderson Ranches lamb anytime we need excellent product. Our guests rave about the flavor and we often fly it with us to impress and please fellow food enthusiasts industry wide that we dine with."
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The Anderson Family

The Anderson's have been raising Oregon grass fed lamb for 5 generations.










Anderson Ranches Oregon grass fed lamb has other farming endeavors that compliment the sheep business. We grow grass seed that is sold to the Chinese. The forage type grass that we grow is favorable for the Chinese fish farmers who grow the grass and cut green chop to feed their fish. The grass we grow is planted in the fall and is grazed with our sheep all winter until May. We then take the sheep off and let the grass grow up for a seed crop. We harvest the seed in late July. We then bale up the straw to make compost. The unusable parts of the butchered grass fed lambs are composted with the straw and spread back on the fields as fertilizer. Absolutely nothing goes to waste.


Our hill pastures that are not farmed grow pine and fir trees. The sheep are pastured there in the summer. They eat the weeds and noxious plants that cause problems for our trees, they also keep the fire danger down. We also use our sheep to eat other crops for other farmers, to control excess growth and unwanted weeds. This cuts down on the farmer’s use of fuels and herbicides.


Anderson Ranches has a low carbon footprint. Our sheep are grazed in the Willamette Valley in a radius of a few miles. Our grass fed lambs are processed only minutes away, saving fuel and transportation costs to our former processing plant. Now we handle processing at our own facility - Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC.


Reed Anderson was awarded the Linn County Soil and Water Conservationist of the year in 2007-2008. We are dedicated to using conservation practices for fertile soil and clean water for the healthiest and best grass fed lamb in the world.