Rack Rib Roast (Not Frenched)

Rack Rib Roast (Frenched)

Rack Chops

FROM WHERE: The rack of lamb comes from the front/middle section. Rib chops are individual or double chops cut from the rack. A rack of lamb can be frenched, which is the removal of fat and tissue between the bones or not.

COOKING METHOD: Roasting, Grilling, Braising, Broiling

COOKING TIPS: Season rack or chops with your favorite fresh herbs and spices, and then place on the grill or in a roasting pan for a roast -meat side up and follow recipe instructions.

Roasting is an oven-cooking method in which the meat is cooked uncovered in order to produce an exterior that is well browned and a moist interior. Roasting works best with fairly tender pieces of meat or poultry. Tender cuts like the rack and loin and portions of the leg should be prepared using dry heat cooking methods such as broiling, grilling and roasting.

Grilling is often synonymous with barbecuing and refers to cooking meat or vegetables on a grate over hot coals or another heat source. For chops, grilling is the perfect way to eat more lamb and spend less time cooking and cleaning up. Grilled lamb is a fast, delicious, practical weeknight option. Dry brine your lamb chops. If you have time, salt lamb chops 40 minutes to an hour before grilling them, to release moisture and break down proteins in a way that allows the chops to reabsorb the liquid.


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