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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Is Anderson Ranches lamb raised?2018-10-05T05:31:27-07:00

All of our lambs are raised in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

What are your raising standards for Anderson Ranch lamb?2018-10-05T05:32:06-07:00

Our lambs are fed only grass, never any grain, hormones or antibiotics. They are raised according to the Certified Humane Handling guidelines.

What does Humane Certified mean?2018-10-05T05:33:10-07:00

The guidelines for Humane Certified can be found at:

Is Anderson Ranches lamb All-Natural? What does All-Natural mean?2018-10-05T05:33:51-07:00

Yes, our lamb is 100% natural. Only fed grasses, never any grains. Never any hormones or antibiotics.

How old are the lambs when they are prepared for market?2018-10-05T05:31:06-07:00

Our lambs are 7-10 months old when they are prepared for market.

Is Anderson Ranch lamb 100% Grass-fed? Why does it taste better than grain-fed?2018-10-05T05:35:15-07:00

Our lambs are 100% grass-fed Grass fed lambs are much better because they grow slower and don’t put on near as much fat. Most all Anderson Ranches lamb grade choice or better.

How can Anderson Ranches have grass available year-round?2018-10-05T05:35:57-07:00

Anderson Ranches is located in Brownsville, the east side of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The valley climate is very mild with lots of rain, 45-60 inches a year. The grass is always green. The valley has little freezing in the winter and fairly cool summers. The Willamette Valley is known for growing grass seed. In fact, The Willamette Valley is the grass seed capitol of the world.

What is the sheep breed that are raised and Anderson Ranches?2018-10-05T05:22:04-07:00

Our lambs are an English meat breed of sheep.

What Quality Grade is Anderson Ranch lamb?2018-10-05T05:22:37-07:00

Our lambs grade choice or better.

Where are the lambs processed?2018-10-05T05:23:07-07:00

Our lamb is processed at our own facility – Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC.

Why is your lamb so tender and mild?2018-10-05T05:23:41-07:00

We believe that stress and genetics are the most important factors in Anderson Ranches lamb. The lambs are only minutes away where they are processed at our own facility – Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC, so the stress of being transported is very minimal. We focus on the meat breeds, Suffolks, Hampshires and Dorsets in our breeding program.

Why is Anderson Ranches lamb better tasting than lamb from New Zealand and Australia?2018-10-05T05:24:07-07:00

New Zealand and Australia are countries known for wool production. Their sheep are mostly wool breeds, with the genetics focusing on wool production. Therefore, the meat production is a by-product.

Can we order Anderson Ranches lamb on-line?2018-10-05T05:24:38-07:00
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