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The Anderson Family

The Anderson's have been raising Oregon grass fed lamb for 5 generations.

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Grass Fed Lamb - 100% Grass Fed

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Our sheep graze on the free range pastures and rolling foothills of the Willamette Valley, where high precipitation guarantees lush green Oregon grasses. Our grass fed lambs thrive in these open fields with fresh air and lots of room. They are left free to roam, eat when they like, and grow at their own natural rhythm.

Anderson Ranch grass fed lambs have little impact on the environment. Our sustainable farming practices are unique in the industry, and we have a story to tell you about how we do it, year after year.
full story >Cooked Lamb

Our grass fed lambs are fed no bi-products. More importantly for the purity of the meat, the grass fed lambs are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. This whole process produces a protein-rich, premium natural meat that tastes delicious.

Our grass fed lambs are prepared for market at our own facility - Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC, minutes away, so the grass fed lambs have minimal stress before processing.

Our grass fed lamb products include the full range of cuts, some of which you see to the left. Visit our grass fed lamb products page to view all of our products. more >

Grass fed lamb has been increasing in popularity as the choice of red meats. Oregon grass fed lamb is lean and tender, and an excellent source of nutrition. Almost all cuts of grass fed lamb are low in calories, fat, and cholesterol. Oregon grass fed lamb is a good source of iron, zinc, and vitamin B-12. It can be broiled, grilled or roasted. As a general rule, grass fed lamb tastes best when cooked medium rare to medium. Familiar ingredients used for marinades or rubs make grass fed lamb easy to cook, and delicious.

Our Oregon grass fed lamb has been served at our dinner tables for generations, and we hope you make it a healthy tradition for your family as well. 

Nothing Can Match . . .Locally Grown Oregon grass fed lamb . . .The Anderson Family